When in Venice!

17 Sep, 2018

I am excited to take you on a romantic journey through some of Italy’s most romantic streets and waterways in this Venice bridal inspiration. Every corner in Venice, every bridge and every curve carries a love story through the ages. Her colorful walls and her narrow streets tell us about a look, a kiss, a whisper, a song. Her buildings and her art, which have been affected by water and time, make every moment to be strong and last forever. Her myth, her beauty and her glamour make this European city whimsical. Famous for her canals, gondolas and bridges this floating city takes your breath away. Fairytales Come True by Vicky is going to whisper you a fairytale song by this bridal inspiration early morning in beautiful Venice. Inspired by modern style, insisting elegant, this ethereal grey wedding dress stands splendid on its own in front of the mythical Bridge of Sighs, the Grand Canal, the theatrical Gondolas and the waterways of Venice.

When in Venice, live your fairytale!


Concept planning, styling & photo credits Fairytales Come True by Vicky

photo credits Toni Millan & Sandra Alemany

Location Venice, Italy

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