Moody Fairytale Elopement into the woods!

23 Jan, 2019

Now and then

In 1871, at the instigation of Ernest Ziller, King George I bought the estate of Tatoi, totaling 20,000 acres. He designed and built a two-storey house of Greek-Swiss style into the nature and animals. His desire was to be used as a leisure estate and not as one more palace that’s why, after its completion in 1874, it was used as the first royal residence of the royal family. At the end of the 19th century, a number of buildings were constructed, reminiscent of rural settlements in Western Europe. At the same time, auxiliary buildings such as the hotel, the Stourm house, the Royal School, the director's office, the residence of the teacher, the winery, the garage and others were built. The estate may not have been the largest in Attica but as a land of pleasure it was the first in Greece. The palace is now abandoned and ruins. (read more here)

The inspiration

Watching the palace standing in this wonderful forest I think of the time when the royal family lived here, the glamor that brought these deserted buildings and the liveliness that existed in this vast expanse. The desire to bring life, light and elegance back to this region led me to a single thought…love. A loving couple who eloped and exchanges vows of eternal love into the woods and brings back life of the previous eras. A little bit of a mystery, a little of a fairytale and a pinch of magic turns this ruined palace and its enchanted forest into a scene of happiness that everyone would like to live for even a few hours.

The details

The abandonment of buildings, their old facade and worn cement was the inspiration of the invitation. For the cover we pick out the drawing of 14th century Cathedral Sees in Normandy, France and cement to the background. The atmospheric stationery with black envelope and gold wax seals the moody inspiration. Calligraphy and quotes from love poems add the romance needed. In such dramatic mood, the set up in the woods with warm fabrics, pillows, dazzling lights and fresh flowers made up an unparalleled fairytale versus the abandonment of space. Details of gold and burgundy add elegance while the choice of black gives a touch of distinctive and dramatic character.Bouquet was of excellent palette of winter landscape colors and the magnificent scene was constructed from woods that we found into the forest in an unusual “nest” of tall trees and brought the fairytale mood we wanted. Unlike to the usual we chose three different sized cakes in shades of black, gold and burgundy with details that were matching to the rest of the scenery perfectly. Whimsical wedding gowns in pink powder and gray-blue shades gave the romantic touch that a wedding demands. Make-up in soft tones and hair combed lightly allowed the bride's face to emerge, while fashionable outfit with vintage details, such as the pocket watch, made this groom stand out. Photographer’s and cinematographer’s lens captured great all the details, the aesthetic and romantic atmosphere of the scenery.


Concept design, planning & styling Fairytales Come True by Vicky


Cinematography Soft Focus Project & Oblivion Films

Wedding Gowns Crochelle

Paper Goods Fairytales Come True by Vicky

Wedding Cake and Sweets Zahari Sweet Shop

Flowers Archimandritis Lampros

Hairstylist Kipreou Maria

Make up Artist Skoutari Maria

Bridal Shoes ZARA

Groom's Attire Mango for Men

Groom's Shoes Massimo Duti

Rings & Pocket Watch Vintage Personal Collection

Modes Fay Dimopoulou & Argiris Koutsoubas

Location Tatoi Palace, Greece

Poem “I Carry Your Heart With Me” read by Tom O'Bedlam


"I carry your heart with me" A fairytale story!

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