Wedding Favors 2018!

08 June, 2018

The custom of the wedding favor was started by Louis, the King of France, who, in return to his guests, gave small gift boxes filled with candies. Since then, the favor, a gift-souvenir to the guests, has changed many textures, colors, shapes, but it is always the best way to say thank you to all those who honored you with their presence. With the help of your wedding planner, you will choose the right design for you according to the wedding style and make the best impression for your guests. We suggest some designs according to the latest trend and our personal style.

Elegant Wedding Favor

If you have chosen to design a stylish but Greek wedding, then this is the perfect match for you. Elegant bottle filled with virgin Greek olive oil and a ribbon so chic that the effect will delight your guests. The dragees are beautifully laced with tulle on the side. A simple and very stylish choice.

Boho Wedding Favor

Made of natural cotton lace braided by the Macrame technique on natural wood this favor will take off your bohemian wedding. It is invested with beads and ceramic elements for even more summer effect and the dragees are beautifully bound in fine gauze. It can beautifully decorate the home or office space and always remind your guest of your unique wedding.

Modern Wedding Favor

Whether you choose ceramics or a handmade concrete pattern, shape and color that you wish, this wedding favor will faithfully follow the modern style you chose for your wedding. It can be painted and look beautiful anywhere. With dragees tied up with linen and a string of natural material, the Minimal effect will not leave anyone unmotivated. Signs, cutlery and many other designs came to stay.

Free Spirit WEdding Favor

You are going to be marry on a small island of Cyclades, Greece and you choose a wedding in earthy tones and simple textures. A wonderful suggestion is this one with a box filled with sugared pebbled dragees in colors you desire and with a delicious taste tied tight with a carabiner and volcanic bead in colors of your choice. Inspired by memories of summer holidays on pebbled beaches. An option that will delight all your guests.

In each choice can add a special or symbolic item that will make you stand out and remind your guests of you and your wedding day. Together with your wedding planner you will create something unique according to fashion trends but especially your personal style that will steal the impressions.

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