Seal Wax Olive Stationery!

10 September, 2018

Your wedding invitation is the first impression that your guest will make about the upcoming event and the wedding favor the last one to take with them leaving this wonderful and unique day. It's not just a paper that will throw away or a box that will eat the dragées* and end up in the trash. It is the beginning and the end of an idea, a subject, a story. Your own story. That's why they have to be beautiful, with sophisticated materials and fine details that leave no one unmotivated. Little ideas make your wedding stand out from those events that you or your guests have been going so far. Inspired by Greece, this invitation is based on the Olive Tree. Olive branches form a modern hexagon frame for the text of the invitation and give the luxury it needs on labels. Olive grease envelope with embossed lines fits neatly with the inside of the olive branch. The golden wax that seals it gives the elegance that a wedding is required for Monemvasia, Greece. A simple and rustic bottle of pure virgin olive oil is the best wedding favor that is bestowed upon the guest and the golden seal wax gives a sense of grandeur and beauty. Small décor details with labels, seal wax, chic fabrics and vintage cutlery take off a wedding in a simple, elegant and unforgettable way. Impressions from a wedding that no one has ever attended.

*Dragees means Koufeta, a sweet candy with almond, sugar and many flavors. In Greece they symbolize the joys and sorrows of the marriage, as well as the fertility and future successors of the couple. The single number shows that the couple will share everything and remain inseparable.


Wedding Planning, Stationery & Photo Credits: Fairytales Come True by Vicky |

Printables: Ionikiabee

Location: Monemvasia, Greece

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