Next day wedding shoot abroad!

01 Nov, 2018

More and more couples choose a next day wedding shoot. Adventures couples choose a next day wedding shoot abroad, with concept or not. For these couples who want to dare something different we have 5 tips to recommend for greater success.

Select City

Choose a city that suits you in style and culture to feel like you fit there. Learn her history, her landscapes, favorite spots, historical cafes and add them to the shot list of your photoshoot. If it is a city you have visited before and you have beautiful memories do not forget to include sites that are of particular important to you.

Season Selection

Before you plan a photoshoot abroad, think about the weather. Under the concept of shoot, season choice have big role. Some areas are splendid in the summer, others are atmospheric in the autumn, many are beautiful in the winter and a few others are celebrated in the spring. Choose one that will highlight both you and the city you chose.

Choosing a Professional

After choosing the above you have to search online and find the right professional to capture what you have thought about this photoshoot,if it's not something you have already agreed with your wedding photographer. For even more organized and concept designed photoshoot, hire an event planner to plan everything that is necessary for that day, from the gondola ride at Venice to the prepaid tickets for the Eiffel tower top.


In a shoot abroad, where you want to be captured in specific places with specific light, there should be a timeline. Start before sunrise from the most tourist spots. This time of day has the best light and thus avoids crowds and tourists during the day. Continue to historic cafes, streets, buildings and, of course, take advantage of a river, lake or sea the city you chose have. Last but not least, keep the sunset time for the most romantic corner of the city and let yourself feel the moment before it ends.

Shot List

To make sure you have the material you want, make a list of shots you've found online and you like them. Share these ideas with both the photographer and your event planner to fully fulfill your and get the result you've dreamed of, always based on your personal style.

Choose the city or country that suits you most and makes you feel special! Greece awaiting for your next day wedding shoot!

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