Little Churches in Greece!

03 May, 2019

So the time has come to have your wedding and say the vows with your love! Congratulations! But where is the best place to have it and what time of the day? Surely, if you have your wedding in the mid-summer you’d prefer the sun to be down to avoid the excess heat. Nothing wrong with that but keep in mind that always the best time is before the sun goes down. Natural light is your best friend. Photos are magical at about 1-2 hours before Sunset. So it is better to have your wedding about at this time. And in Greece the quality of light is fantastic this time, so now you have to choose the right place. Many would think that a greek island is the number one destination. Infinite blue and white, and great light. Sure, but in Attica region there are great little churches full of light to have your fairytale wedding, and might be a better choice.

Saint Nicolas Chapel on Anavissos is one of the best places to have your wedding. A beautiful old stone church next to the beach, and at the right time the light is just magic.

Saint George on Kavouri is near the sea, although not by the sea, but has many pine trees around it that make it the perfect place to have your wedding.

Saint Kosmas> on Elliniko beach is one more small chapel by the sea. White and blue are the colors here, too.

Panagia Faneromeni church at Vouliagmeni is one of the most elegant churches in the area. Modern and innovative architecture is the key point here, and is the best choice for an indoor wedding in case of bad weather.

In the center of Athens there is the small church of Saint Demetrios Loubardiaris, 100 meters near the Parthenon. Pine trees and ancient stones is the surrounding environment here. Very special place, right under the Acropolis rock.

A few kilometers outside Athens, you can find Saint Demetrios church in Psatha village. A small chapel by the sea is ideal for a summer wedding and an after wedding party at the beach.

On the island of Salamina there is the church of Panagia the liberator on a hill. A white church with beautiful view, some windmills nearby and great light, too.

Of course there are many estates with beautiful churches, where you can have your wedding in the open with great atmosphere and light. Choose the one which fits you most.

Theodore and Tonia thank you so much for your excellent photos and advices to brides to be of our blog!

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